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Lost Property

We know how hard it may be to lose something on the trip – and what relief it is when getting it back. If you lose something at Arlanda, on a flight to Arlanda or on an MTR Express train, we will help you get it back.

We have extensive experience of handling lost goods at airports, and have helped thousands of people over the years to regain their belongings. We work with modern systems that make it easy for both us and our customers to find the right things.

Bagport provides online search moneyservices, where found objects are regularly posted. Search for lost property via the search service listed in the menu on the right.

In addition, we have bespoke software solutions which enable us to log, monitor, track and ship items swiftly, efficiently and effectively to reduce stress and worry to you.

Bagport handles lost property found at Stockholm Arlanda Airport as well as on the majority of flights arriving at the airport.

Read more about the airlines that work with Arlanda.



In order to offer this service we charge a fee of 80-300 SEK. depending on what kind of goods it is.

For opening hours and visit address, click on Contact Us

Search our database

Search our database

All that we get in will end up in our database. Search to see if something you’ve lost has been found. It may take between one to two days before found items are registered in the database. We keep everything we get for three months.

2 Search the database for lost items

Apply to collect your item

If you find something that you think is yours in our database, register your details by filling out the contact form.

3 Apply online to get your items back

Fill in where to send

If that’s your item, we’ll give you a code. Enter, fill in your code and pay for the service and fill in where you want us to send it.

4 Pay the fee and we will send it to you

How much does it cost?

We charge a service charge ranging from
80 SEK to 300 SEK. For shipping and packaging, a fee will be charged depending on where to ship.

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