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Baggage Trolley Management

We understand that effective baggage cart management is much more than just pushing carts around.

Our experienced logistic teams collect idle carts swiftly to make them available to passengers, for efficient cart utilization. Continuous monitoring and quality control assures a responsive, high quality service system that the airport can be proud of. Bagport manages baggage handling at Arlanda Airport since 2004. At Arlanda we handle 3500 landside carts and 500 airside carts. We operate 24H 365 days a year, with a total of approximately 70 employees. Our trolleys are ergonomically designed for your safety and are manufactured to be eco-friendly with high quality precision parts that minimise the need for changing parts through maintenance. When it comes to carrying your baggage through to the terminal, Bagport are pleased to be able to provide a professional and efficient service to meet your needs.

Did you know?

Bagport operates baggage trolleys at major international airports in Scandinavia and Europe including; Stockholm Arlanda and Bristol. 
Bagport is at your service 24 hours, 365 days a year.

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