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  • Bagport Lost Property contacted me on 6 January an hour before I even contacted them. They are an exceptional service! Within 24 hours they located and shipped my property back to me
    Thanks very much again, I tweeted about your exceptional service!!!

    A Grateful Passenger

  • I would like to express my gratitude for the swift and successful return of my passport in December. I had misplaced the item in Terminal 5 during a stopover between New York and Newcastle. Five days prior to Christmas and ten days before I required it to return to Australia, I was naturally concerned about what would happen.
    After reporting the item lost, I felt extremely reassured by the regular email notifications and proactive service. Once found, I spoke with a very helpful lady about delivery and pick-up options, and delighted to receive my passport on Christmas Eve.
    I would be very grateful if you could thank those personally involved and congratulate all staff on delivering an exceptional service.
    Yours faithfully,

    A Grateful Passenger

  • Hi
    We have now found this item - we collected it from Arlanda’s lost luggage department yesterday evening. Many thanks Arlanda for a speedy service and great recovery. Very impressive!
    Yours, relieved.


  • Dear ”C”,
    As I was flying out, I checked at the desk - and it (ipad) had been handed in, and has now been returned to me. It was a fantastic and I'd like to thank the team involved!


  • Hello
    I did receive my jacket today
    I want to say Thank You and all your team for everything you did for me.
    Loosing an object witch is important for you is a very sad event.
    Having it back is absolutely fabulous
    Thanks again !
    Keep doing things like that

    Dr Costa

  • To the lost & found supervisor:
    I’d like to put in a good word for one of your employees. “D” helped me with an errand on Monday Feb 27th (reg a leather belt I lost at the Arlanda security screening the day before) and I was glad to be met not only by professionalism but also with understanding and reassurance. The belt itself has low monetary (but a high sentimental) value, and “D” made sure that the item is found. It is still not collected (but I received the code and pickup location on Arlanda) but I am glad that you have such kind, professional, friendly and understanding employees who care about their job. Exemplary customer service. Thank you.


  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would thank you for your help.
    I received last week my lost iPad.
    Very efficient service!

    Best Regards,


  • Thank you all so much for the return of my luggage. You are awesome!


  • Jag vill ge en stor eloge till bagport hittegods på ARN. Och till alla som samverkade till att jag fick tillbaka min iPad som jag glömde i stolen på Norwegian från Las Palmas. Stort tack till alla ärliga och lojala medarbetare. :)


  • Riktigt bra service och hantering hela vägen när jag förlade min 1/2 år gamla mobiltelefon på Arlanda inrikes som jag trodde var förlorad.

    Via enkel registrering av min information om min förlorade telefon på missingX och sedan en sökning mot vad som lämnats in som hittegods kunde jag se att det fanns inlämnat en liknande. Via ytterligare kommunikation kunde jag smidigt hämta upp min mobil på återresa från Arlanda. Mycket bra hantering och bemötande. Rekommenderar er varmt och ger er 5+ i betyg.


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